Mabledon, London Road, Southborough ,TN4 0UH
Mabledon is a Tudor-revival country house, originally built in 1804
Hari Saraff
Please let me introduce you to the beautiful surroundings of Mabledon Park
Hari Saraff - Mabledon & Mabledon Park 2008
Winter at Mabledon
On 3 February 2009 Mabledon was covered under a white blanket as Kent had its heaviest snowfall for 18 years. - Enjoy some pictures of the 'Winter Wonderland'!
The Mabledon Project
— International 5* Hotel
Concept/Vision: Daniel Bech

Mabledon is a large country house, just south of Tonbridge. The access is from the A26 to Southborough - Royal Tunbridge Wells.

The house is a Tunbridge Wells sandstone mansion built in 1804 and with extensions in 1829 and 1870. There are outbuildings from the military occupation in the 1940s and two detached houses close to the mansion built in the early 1970s when the A21 was constructed.

There are some 50 rooms and a conservatory together with attached stable and service blocks.

To the west of the house at the bottom of the steep sided valley is the kitchen garden; it may be from 1804 or 1829.

The main parkland to the south of the house is grazed.

The property is in private ownership.

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